Introducing Illume's Elemental Collection - including candles, and home care. Uncompromised fragrance + consciously crafted ingredients designed to clean the house with all-natural elements and plant-powered performance. 
Each new formats gives uncommon attention to honest ingredients and uses the force of nature to provide an effective alternative to conventional cleaning products.  Made from 100% natural fragrance with pure essential oils, 
Illume have combined earthly elements with sophisticated design for a holistic approach to home care and fragrance.

This ingredients for this collection are sourced from reputable producers, those who share a respect for people and planet. Simple, safe, and highly sustainable processes like steam distillation and cold pressing
of plant aromatics allow Illume's perfumers to capture the most nuanced of notes with the smallest of footprints.

Free from parabens, formaldehyde, ammonia, phosphates and artificial colors and packaged in 25% post-consumer resin bottles for easy recylcling.