Rosy Rings


Founder and Creative Director, Shannon Cumberland formed Rosy Rings over 20 years ago in the basement of her house where she poured her first botanical candles. Today, Rosy Rings is located in a 30,000 square foot facility and the company still hand produces every single one of their candles by hand.

Each botanical candle takes two full days to make. Turn one over and you’ll see it's actually two candles. The entire process of pouring, stuffing, repouring, melting the edges, wrapping it and the countless other tasks is all done by hand by skilled craftsmen and women.

While many copies of these wonderful candles abound, they cannot compare with these wonderfully crafted candles using only natural, sustainable and renewable ingredients and wonderful fragrances.

As is fitting, the company follows a strict social and environmental policy using recycled materials and donating a percentage of its profits to the charities they support. Rosy Rings 2019 collection includes an array of new designs and collections that are sure to be hugely successful additions to this highly sought after brand.

Made in Denver, Colorado, USA

Minimum Opening Order £250 / €250 (exclusive of VAT)