The Cottage Greenhouse

Introducing The Cottage Greenhouse, a fresh new spa collection to energize your body, mind and soul. This latest addition to Margot Elena’s beloved brand library offers five core collections of treatments featuring fresh wholesome ingredients and delicious scents.
Fall in love with sun-sweetened scrubs, lush lotions and luxurious, nutrient-rich masks, each filled to the brim with an assortment of fruits, vegetables and herbs. Formulated with up to 98% natural ingredients, each product embodies the beauty, wisdom and simple goodness of Mother Nature.
Margot Elena is excited to return to her roots in the world of professional treatment. With more than 20 years of experience in the bath & body category, Margot continues to create bath and beauty products that are gracefully balanced in design, fragrance and expert formulations. 
Always mindful that her creations add beauty and meaning to others’ lives, she lends her signature style and passion to each and every product, down to the last detail.
The Cottage Greenhouse was created to inspire that same desire, so that the package and formulation itself evokes a sense of delight and adds a thoughtful richness to the ritual of self care.
Paraben Free & Never Animal Tested.