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"Discovering a store which is original in selection is a true joy, and every time I find one, I feel that I have somehow glimpsed a small part of the Buyers personality. You can tell where a heart and head have been used, and it is almost impossible to replicate."

Angela Creasy
Retail & Brand Consultant

Creating a unique offering is hard work, it means time spent tracking down product spotted while travelling or in media, and constantly questioning the selection. It also means making the effort to visit trade shows abroad or local fairs, in order to use a spread of suppliers.

Here are some further suggestions:

Never forget - the selection should never be purely a reflection the Buyers taste, but a recognition of who their customer is; their needs, and a few surprises. Every store needs a little fairy dust.


Angela Creasy worked within Retail extensively, latterly as Head of Home and Beauty in Liberty, and prior to that in Harrods, as Buyer for Cosmetics, Fragrance and Men’s Grooming.  Angela is now an International Business Consultant to Retailers and Brand owners.