K. Hall Studio

Founded in 1998

Hand crafted goods and fragrances for people and places

Made in St. Louis Missouri, Sold worldwide.

Founded by Kelley Barr and John Barr, k.hall studio started life as a family business with a team who simply enjoyed designing and and making quality goods that smell great and work even better. While praised for its attractive packaging, K. Hall Studio, Inc. is an ingredient driven company. One must only read the label to know this is a business run with absolute integrity. The Barr’s fouding principles are based on simple, ethical, and generous living, principles that continue today even though the company has expanded far beyond the original concept. This is evident by the dedication and passion that continues to use the most natural ingredients available including natural plant extracts, colloidal oatmeal, aloe vera extract, recycled and reusable materials, and vegetable based products. These may be the reasons why a once basement company’s products are used every day by customers around the world. Grateful for the kind words of their customers and success of the company, k.hall studio still participates heavily in the local community in St Louis, raising money for local charities and giving back to the community whenever possible.  Made in the USA.


Opening Order £350 / €400